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NWS Conditions and Current Radar

Live Obs
  |   Current Conditions   |   Daily Climate Report*   |   Intellicast Radar   |   Wundermap

*go to, click on region, go to climate, get daily climate report

Surface Plots

PAOC Surface Obs   |   UNISYS   |   NWS Surface Analysis*   |   Penn State Surface Plots**

*A front moves in more quickly when the 500 mb lines are more horizontal (wind just flows in zonally), whereas it approaches more slowly when the 500 mb lines are more tilted.
**See here for recent precip as well.

Upper Air and Satellite Data

UNISYS Upper Air Data*   |   Penn State Satellite   |   GOES West Imagery   |   GOES East Imagery

*How to Read 500 mb Maps

Other Useful Links

NOAA/NWS Storm Prediction Center
NOAA/NWS SPC Surface Mesoanalysis
Interactive Snow Information
NWS Soil Moisture
Great Lakes Surface Temperatures
NOAA SST Contour Charts
Climate Reanalyzer
NASA Worldview