Notes on Current Stations, Spring 2017

Bismarck, ND (KBIS)

  • stationary front on lee side of rockies, get flow parallel to that (so lots northerly winds)
  • dry, so models aren’t as extreme as they should be
  • central time zone: 6z = 1am

Kodiak, AK (KJAN)

  • closest NWS office is in Anchorage (400 mi away)
  • near water, not much daylight -> temps can vary by 10 degrees
  • peaks ~2000 m
  • look for blocking patterns, Arctic systems
  • winds; have observed gusts up to 90 knots; generally from NW
  • not much precip but lots snow (mostly precip when wind from SE)
  • 9pm-9pm
  • water just off the coast is 36-40 degrees C (cold immediately to east, but warmer further out, so could be warmer if had fetch from east)
  • wx discussions say there isn’t that much katabatic warming effect because wind that comes down mountains is really cold?

Jackson, MS (KJAN)

  • valley to southeast of Jackson; probs topography won’t matter too much though
  • USL should be best for getting lows right for weak-wind clear conditions

Seattle, WA (KSEA)

  • notes